[dna-netzine] is officially owned by Devil Noise Records. The idea is we want to serve more than just a various artist compilation called Devil Noise Assemblage released through the netlabel. As a netzine, here you’ll find lot of reading matters, information and related material such as interviews, reviews, writings, free music, et cetera! We focused on Experimental / Electronic music! If you have something to contribute and to share with through this netzine, please submit to: projekt666satanoise@gmail.com. Let it be not mine but proudly ours!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Not Just A Compilation!

Written by SelfmadeSatan

Hello everyone! Devil Noise Assemblage is now not just a compilation but I have set it up as a net-zine! I hope this can be well accepted in this experimental / electronic music scene! Shortly named dna-netzine, this will have departments / sections like Conversation (interviews with music projects, labels, individuals, etc), Soundchecks (reviews on physical and digital releases), Documents (including articles, artist profiles, any writings), Free Music (free downloadable material) and lots more which are still in mind. Thus, to make it evolves, I really need helps from friends out there to contribute material for this net-zine. I will post your writings here with your name (and URL) credited. Submissions can be emailed to projekt666satanoise@gmail.com. A big thanks to Michael Dresden for helping me with the name for  both compilation and netzine. Experimental Music for Experimental People! Thank you in advance!

Ian aka SelfmadeSatan 17.09.2011

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