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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mists Of Poveglia - as Cold and Dark as the Winter itself

Interview by SelfmadeSatan

Lord Forneus was originally guitarist for a Black Metal band, but had always been experimenting with electronic music. After years of experimenting with the occasional Dark Ambient based tune, Mists Of Poveglia began its reign of ice in of all times the summer of 2008. To date, Mists Of Poveglia has unleashed a lot of remarkable releases through several good labels such as Depressive Illusions Records, Dark Meadow Recordings, Dungeon Of Darkness, etc. I personally really fascinated with this UK's Winter inspired Dark Ambient spirit Mists Of Poveglia so here’s an interview with Lord Forneus. Let the master speaks...

 Lord Forneus - the master of Mists Of Poveglia

First of all, please let us know everything about yourself in person? Why did you use Lord Forneus as your pseudonym?
Hails. Well myself as a person.. dark, depressive, humorous maybe.. As for LF, I searched for a name for a long time and began using it around 2000, I saw about this medieval demon rising up from hell and its just been there ever since.. he is the hate and intolerance within me.. the evil person.

How do you define Mists Of Poveglia, musically and conceptually? If one asking you the different of Mists Of Poveglia from others in the same genre, what could be perfect anwers?
Well musically its darkest ambience... conceptually its Winter Ambient... the freezing winds in snowy fields.. late nights under the stars... depression.. solitude.. longing...

What sort of tools you use in making music? Do you have formal education in musical compositions, instruments and softwares?
Nope I have no idea what I’m doing with anything.. guitar or electronic.. I just work it out and hope for the best usually... I use many things from real instruments to samples etc.. that and weed..

What is/are the most important thing(s) you take into consideration when you sit and start composing your songs?
I just let what is going to happen happen.. its just evolves infront of me.. I never really 'plan' songs before hand.. I just make sure they have the passion, cold & emptiness one listening to the music deires.

As we might know, you have came up with lots of great releases on several good labels. Please pick up 3 releases that you think the most essential from Mists Of Poveglia (and please give some description on each of them)?
Good question. Well I would of course recommend the 2nd album which was released on Glorious North but this is sold out. It has some great works on it. And also Vinterland.. the first 3 songs on that really caught the project superbly. Again this is sold out.. So i will say.. the 3rd album “Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights” which is available is also a great body of works that is exactly what Mists.. is about. Thats available on Depressive Illusions Records or I believe in the UK Glorious North Productions is the best place to pick up a fair few Mists.. titles.

Devil Noise Records has recently released “Misted (Rarest Of The Rarities)”, digitally (free download). It was later released on tape by Depressive Illusion Records with a bonus track. How do you describe this release?
Its a compilation of material selected personally by Devil Noise from old downloads that arent available anymore and such. Again freezing cold ambience aplenty! It is available!!!

Besides of Mists Of Poveglia, I think you also have some other projects including Black Metal ones. Please introduce in brief each of your projects?
Winter Forest artists currently working are..
- Mists Of Poveglia (Winter Ambient) project of LF
- Grimsvotn (Raw Black Metal) project of LF
- Dark Isle (Ice Core Trip Hop) project of ACid
- Froze.Hatech. (Power Electronic/Noise/Experimental) project of H-B
There are alot of other acts in the Forest... these are on hiatus until the time captures them. And a few are defunct also. The genres really do range from everything to anything.

Let us know more about Winter Forest Industries, both as a label and a studio?
Winter Forest Industries is the home of Mists & many other acts.. Its a home for all the differant artists, like a stable as such. These will all be our projects, I dont think we will introduce 'outsiders' as such. We only release limited editions of our projects currently, but we are going to release many other artists soon. All DIY, nothing 'pro' but in very nice limited editions. Winter Forest Studio is now the main recording facilities. I doubt we will include anyone else in the studio thats not part of the Industries. Its a perfect place for us to record and remains a secret location..

What does Winter (I mean the season) really mean to you?
Its a cold season.. I think it brings me peace. To walk in a snow covered field in minus degrees.. all alone with nothing around.. I feel so depressed and at the same time so happy in solitude.. Its darker too, I like the dark to come over early..

Thanks for replying this interview! Last words please?
Thank you for considering us. I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that supports us. Labels, bands, fans, everyone.. Freezing greetings to.. Devil Noise, Sween Glorious North, Sergiy Depressive Illusions, Danny SODD, Ed DMR, Justin i AM esper, TBS Ablaze Eternal and fuck me anyone else I forgot! For updates like us on facebook and got to http://mistsofpoveglia.blogspot.com. Hails!


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