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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Submitted by SelfmadeSatan

Cat.No: DN073 | Date Released: 16/09/2011

01. HALLUCIPHILE - Dead Alive Recycled - 8:39
02. GOINES MA NON TROPPO - Cigarros De Yerba Mate - 3:09
03. TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE - Headline Attention Drip Drip Drip - 3:35
04. THE IMPLICIT ORDER - Reverse - 4:44
05. DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Happiness Is A Disease - 10:00
06. PREGNANT SPORE - Jewels - 7:25
07. TO-BO - Zoll - 9:41
08. TSIDMZ - The Predictable Fall Of The Last Civilization - 4:11

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