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Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing with nuns - Experimental Noise in a very wide form!

Interview by SelfmadeSatan

Playing with nuns is a one-man project of Ariel Chapuis. Born January 1975 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), he’s the founder of side project Void of Coil, focus in deep dark ambient style (2008-present) with four albums made, all copies sold out and over 4000 downloads on the network. Ariel Chapuis is also the founder of the record labels 7579 Records (2008-2010) and Cubiculo Noise Recording (2010-present). Besides, he’s the collaborator of the "multi artists project" Knights of white triangle. Playing with nuns is an Experimental Noise project with more than 190 albums and splits made between May 2009 to present. Signed by labels like Kapustin Yar Records, Industrial Noise Records, Shit Noise Records, Kermesse Records, Kopp Netlabel, Dark Meadow Recordings, CoreBack Records, Devil Noise Records, Stockroom Records and many others. Enough with this introduction, here we got Ariel Chapuis to talk further…

Hello Ariel Chapuis! How’s life in Buenos Aires and Argentina in general? How do you describe yourself personally, both in and out of your musical activities?

Hi Ian! All is fine here. In Argentina in general, as many countries we have problems, but we've been in worse conditions previously. I personally describe myself as a normal person, with a regular job that lets me luckily, enough free time to devote to what I like.

When I work with Playing with nuns I focus entirely on what I'm doing. I do not usually write tons of stuff and then save and use them in futures albums. I compose at the time the material that will be used in every album, split or V.A.

Previously I used to do otherwise, and then I find myself with a lot of material waiting to be released, so later I used that tracks as bonus tracks or unreleased tracks in special editions. One month ago a released a double album called "Alt. takes and other marvelous" with old compositions, first takes and demos. That was my last work with old material. Now I compose only what will be edited.

When and why did you form Playing with nuns? Any good reason you chose Playing with nuns as your project name?

Playing with nuns was born in early 2009, was an idea I had in mind since 2007. I wanted to experiment with noise, field recording and circuits, so I started working on it. Is a style that I enjoy, not only to compose, but also listening to other artists. Allows you plenty of variants with which to experiment.

The name Playing with nuns, was chosen at random way. Has no meaning.

Please elaborate more about your major genre; musically and conceptual?

What I do with Playing with nuns is experimental noise in a very wide form. People will find in my discography noise, harsh, experimental, power electronics, ambient and circuits sounds. I like to experiment with all, I like to do field recordings and then distorted, add sound effects, noise and stuff like that. Mix voices, samplers, work with pedals, etc.

And conceptually I like to work in primary ideas, based on things I read, or personal experiences.

As for now, you’ve almost 200 titles listed in your discography. That’s amazing! How do you manage to come up with a lot of releases?

That's true, I have almost 200 releases. As I said previously I have a job that leaves me enough free time to work on Playing with nuns, and I have many albums because basically I am connected to many people as me, who enjoys what he does and is willing to further work in splits and compilations. Most of my albums are published under my own label "Cubiculo Noise Recording" and others are published under different labels around the world, as Shit Noise Records (Germany), Stockroom Rec. (France), Dark Meadow Recordings (U.K.), Coreback Rec. (France), Smell The Stench (Australia), Amex Nori (Belgium) and many others.

Last week, at the same day I published 1 album under my own label, 3 under other labels, and 2 V.A.compilations. (6 albums at the same day)

Ariel Chapuis... an Experimental/Noise/Non music artist

If you have possibility to list 10 most essential/memorable releases from Playing with nuns, what would they are?

Well, there is a difference between essential and memorable, so I'll list 10 essential and 10 memorables.

10 essential albums for people who want to know Playing with nuns:
01-Playing with nuns - Hinyouki split "Diego Valor"
02-Playing with nuns - Ethnomite pux split "Asian order"
03-Paranormal interference
05-Playing with nuns - Herr Schmitd hat Krach split
06-Playing with nuns - Kaiser[schnitt]ambosslaszlo split
07-I am the motherfucker
08-Thousands of different ways
09-Playing with nuns - Automageddon split
10-Tasting double jive (A Best of compilation)

I think with these albums, listeners will know the most eclectic side of Playing with nuns.

Now the 10 memorable albums for me:
01-"We were playing". Was the first album, very experimental which released only 3 copies.
02-"The yellow ribbon cutting". Also one of the first. A raw album and one of my favorites.
03-"Screamtoplaxia". The first in Power electronic style, part of a trilogy with "Map.109" and "Stealing puppies again". A year ago was re-edited under the romanian label Harsh noise Propaganda Prod. in special edition with some bonus tracks.
04-"She was lost in madness". My favorite among all my discography. Pretty experimental!
05-Playing with nuns - "Kaiser[schnitt]ambosslaszlo" split. For this split I used different instruments, such as an electric violin and bass.
06-"V.A. An Unattainable Idea". The first compilation I organized, with the label Amex nori from Belgium. 56 projects and almost 4 hours of noise.
07-"Playing with nuns - Talib Aziiz split (Jakarta)". With a great friend and a constant inspiration for me.
08-"Playing with nuns - Hinyouki split (Diego Valor)". With legendary Hinyouki!!!
09-"Alternate theory". With the collaboration of Xtematic and Ecoute la merde on voices.
10-"Playing with nuns - Arte Sacra Atelier split (I'm a motherfucker)" A new artist for me, the final result was fantastic!

What are your favourite tools you employ in composing processes? Did you ever have formal learnings in handling those equipments and softwares?

My favorite tools are pedals, some digital sound mixers and circuits. But I really enjoy making noise with whatever I find around me. Also I use an electric bass and some metals.

I have no formal learning. I am self-taught, like to experiment with stuff and find that I can create new sounds.

Void of Coil is known as your other project, give us further information about it? How does it differ from Playing with nuns? Any other projects to tell about?

Void of Coil is my dark ambient project. Was born in early 2008 and consist of 4 albums. I work with dark sounds, ambient textures and a lot of field recordings. You can download the complete discography at www.myspace.com/voidofcoil.

The difference between Playing with nuns and Void of Coil is basically the dismal atmosphere that recreates ambient passages and a conceptual dark story.

About other side project, I have worked with people from Mexico, Chile and U.S.A in a multi-artist project called "Knights of White triangle" You can find that project around the net. I have more side projects but that's a secret! :)

You’re also running a label called Cubiculo Noise Recording. Anything you want to share with concerning the label? Something about 7579 Records please?

I created Cubiculo Noise Recording just as a tool for editing my works. In the beginning I had the label 7579 Records, but when I started to work on splits I decided  to close 7579 Rec. and create Cubiculo. simple as that.

"Lack of thorns" released on Devil Noise Records

Tell us your experiences in live shows related to Playing with nuns?

I have played live several times, in local pubs and workshops, but what I enjoy most is writing in the Studio. I like to think about Playing with nuns as a studio project. I dont know if I'll perform live again.

How do you see the current experimental/electronic music scene? Please recommend some of your preferred artists?

I see a lot of awesome artists. What I enjoy most is to maintain contact with them! Its fantastic to share experiences, ideas and futures projects. And of course I have some favorites artists.

First of all, "Hinyouki" from Spain. They are wonderful people and I learn from them everyday. They are very professional in everything they do.

"Ecoute la merde" from France. Vivian is awesome and I really enjoy his complete discography!

"Koobaatoo Asparagus" from U.S.A. Michael is the master of circuit bend. If you are looking for a versatile artist, go to Koobaato asparagus!!

"Fukte" from Italy. What can I say about Fukte?! If you have not heard Fukte, you're missing something special.

"Endometrium cuntplow" All the discography is essential for me!

"Ethnomite Pux" An artist that surprises me every time I hear something new from him. He has a great talent.

They are some of my favorites, and I fully recommend!

What would it supposed to be from Playing with nuns in the future? Can we expect more surprise and distinct releases?

In a near furure will be released a split with Gay noise, also a split collaboration with Fukte, Dao de noize is in the list too, and more Hinyouki/Playing with nuns collaborations. So for sure you must wait for new surprises!

Here we come to the end of this conversation! Final messages please?

Well, I want to thank you for your interest and for this interesting interview! I really enjoyed answering and I really appreciate that! Cheers and best regards! - Ariel (Playing with nuns)


#Details on "Lack of thorns" released on Devil Noise Records [HERE]

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Submitted by SelfmadeSatan

Cat.No: DN082 | Date Released: 25/09/2011

01. TELESYS - Seamounts - 5:30
02. HURON - Foggylight - 7:29
03. GANGLION CYST - Acolereobino - 2:52
04. MISTS OF POVEGLIA - Devil Noise In Winter Nights.. - 6:32
05. NEGERIA - N29 - 6:00
06. XTEMATIC - Strange Too Loud Interfering Sound - 5:19
07. MYSTIFIED - Discordant Dreaming - 5:18
08. BEDAWANG - A Pandiculation A Day Keeps The Bitter End Away - 7:28

Original Source:

Direct Download:

Other Releases:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mists Of Poveglia - as Cold and Dark as the Winter itself

Interview by SelfmadeSatan

Lord Forneus was originally guitarist for a Black Metal band, but had always been experimenting with electronic music. After years of experimenting with the occasional Dark Ambient based tune, Mists Of Poveglia began its reign of ice in of all times the summer of 2008. To date, Mists Of Poveglia has unleashed a lot of remarkable releases through several good labels such as Depressive Illusions Records, Dark Meadow Recordings, Dungeon Of Darkness, etc. I personally really fascinated with this UK's Winter inspired Dark Ambient spirit Mists Of Poveglia so here’s an interview with Lord Forneus. Let the master speaks...

 Lord Forneus - the master of Mists Of Poveglia

First of all, please let us know everything about yourself in person? Why did you use Lord Forneus as your pseudonym?
Hails. Well myself as a person.. dark, depressive, humorous maybe.. As for LF, I searched for a name for a long time and began using it around 2000, I saw about this medieval demon rising up from hell and its just been there ever since.. he is the hate and intolerance within me.. the evil person.

How do you define Mists Of Poveglia, musically and conceptually? If one asking you the different of Mists Of Poveglia from others in the same genre, what could be perfect anwers?
Well musically its darkest ambience... conceptually its Winter Ambient... the freezing winds in snowy fields.. late nights under the stars... depression.. solitude.. longing...

What sort of tools you use in making music? Do you have formal education in musical compositions, instruments and softwares?
Nope I have no idea what I’m doing with anything.. guitar or electronic.. I just work it out and hope for the best usually... I use many things from real instruments to samples etc.. that and weed..

What is/are the most important thing(s) you take into consideration when you sit and start composing your songs?
I just let what is going to happen happen.. its just evolves infront of me.. I never really 'plan' songs before hand.. I just make sure they have the passion, cold & emptiness one listening to the music deires.

As we might know, you have came up with lots of great releases on several good labels. Please pick up 3 releases that you think the most essential from Mists Of Poveglia (and please give some description on each of them)?
Good question. Well I would of course recommend the 2nd album which was released on Glorious North but this is sold out. It has some great works on it. And also Vinterland.. the first 3 songs on that really caught the project superbly. Again this is sold out.. So i will say.. the 3rd album “Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights” which is available is also a great body of works that is exactly what Mists.. is about. Thats available on Depressive Illusions Records or I believe in the UK Glorious North Productions is the best place to pick up a fair few Mists.. titles.

Devil Noise Records has recently released “Misted (Rarest Of The Rarities)”, digitally (free download). It was later released on tape by Depressive Illusion Records with a bonus track. How do you describe this release?
Its a compilation of material selected personally by Devil Noise from old downloads that arent available anymore and such. Again freezing cold ambience aplenty! It is available!!!

Besides of Mists Of Poveglia, I think you also have some other projects including Black Metal ones. Please introduce in brief each of your projects?
Winter Forest artists currently working are..
- Mists Of Poveglia (Winter Ambient) project of LF
- Grimsvotn (Raw Black Metal) project of LF
- Dark Isle (Ice Core Trip Hop) project of ACid
- Froze.Hatech. (Power Electronic/Noise/Experimental) project of H-B
There are alot of other acts in the Forest... these are on hiatus until the time captures them. And a few are defunct also. The genres really do range from everything to anything.

Let us know more about Winter Forest Industries, both as a label and a studio?
Winter Forest Industries is the home of Mists & many other acts.. Its a home for all the differant artists, like a stable as such. These will all be our projects, I dont think we will introduce 'outsiders' as such. We only release limited editions of our projects currently, but we are going to release many other artists soon. All DIY, nothing 'pro' but in very nice limited editions. Winter Forest Studio is now the main recording facilities. I doubt we will include anyone else in the studio thats not part of the Industries. Its a perfect place for us to record and remains a secret location..

What does Winter (I mean the season) really mean to you?
Its a cold season.. I think it brings me peace. To walk in a snow covered field in minus degrees.. all alone with nothing around.. I feel so depressed and at the same time so happy in solitude.. Its darker too, I like the dark to come over early..

Thanks for replying this interview! Last words please?
Thank you for considering us. I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that supports us. Labels, bands, fans, everyone.. Freezing greetings to.. Devil Noise, Sween Glorious North, Sergiy Depressive Illusions, Danny SODD, Ed DMR, Justin i AM esper, TBS Ablaze Eternal and fuck me anyone else I forgot! For updates like us on facebook and got to http://mistsofpoveglia.blogspot.com. Hails!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mystified - Trio Drones (Promo Single)

Contributed by Thomas Jackson Park

01. Trio Drones 1 - 7:50


This is one of four melancholy drones created using a trio of instruments: the trombone, pan pipes and overtone flute. All acoustic sources were used in these recordings. The mood is somewhat dirge-like, due to current world events. However, mystified hopes you will find the pieces enjoyable. Drench your inner misery here. Download the full release here: http://mystified-on-kava.bandcamp.com. Limited edition cassette soon available.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Xtematic - Experimental Noise from Croatia

Submitted by SelfmadeSatan

Xtematic is Marko Jović (born in Croatia, Osijek 3/3/1994).

He first came into contact with electronic music at the age of 12, from then he devoted himself to listening to the hugely diverse range of styles and genres which electronic music makes possible. At the age of 16 and thanks to the influence of the Croatian Noise and Experimental artist, Diazepa.m, Marko discovered the Experimental, Noise and free improvisation music scenes. He immediately fell in love with exploring different sounds and noises.

Marko Jović - Experimentation is always key in his work

Marko’s projects and works are cold, dark, eerie, evocative and at times violent windows into the strange, haunted old places of myth and legend. This is no doubt mostly due to his inspiration being the cold seas and dark forests of his homeland.

Experimentation is always key in his work. In recording for Xtematic, he continually experiments with new sounds and techniques in order to both hone his sound and skills and to help convey his thoughts and feelings through his projects.

His biggest inspiration to date is Government Alpha (Japanese harsh noise project of Yasutoshi Yoshida).


Note: Taken & re-edited from http://itsujitsu.wordpress.com/xtematic

Monday, September 19, 2011

i AM esper - Cold Drones : The Misey Years 2010-2011

Contributed by Justin Palmieri

i AM esper is the ambient/drone/minimalist/organic noise project of Justin Palmieri. Justin uses electric baritone guitar as the main sound source, but also works with field recordings, acoustic instruments and organic sounds to create his sound art. The Project formed in 2009 when he was living in an attic broke with no money. He recorded his first demo "Attic Recordings 2009" with shitty broken guitars, found objects, broken drums, manipulated tapes, field recordings, tree branches, white noise, various percussion instruments and acoustic instruments, and lofi synth textures. After that he moved on to other demos. Justin finally got a job and purchased a brand new baritone guitar after this he made his decision to make the project a guitar based drone ambient project. He made a few more demos and than finally released works on labels such as Frozen Tendril, Svartgalgh, Dark Meadow, Puzzle Records and others. Currently and always working on new material.

Here's a best of demos/splits compilation from i AM esper. It has 14 songs taken from split & demo releases throughout 2010 and 2011. Download it now and you'll get about 2 hours of great Drone/Ambient music!

Part 1 - www.mediafire.com/?x769c0slg3b01uf
Part 2 - www.mediafire.com/?hnhm5ih95d1zp2a
www.megaupload.com/?d=8CST888H [invalid & deleted]


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Submitted by SelfmadeSatan

Cat.No: DN073 | Date Released: 16/09/2011

01. HALLUCIPHILE - Dead Alive Recycled - 8:39
02. GOINES MA NON TROPPO - Cigarros De Yerba Mate - 3:09
03. TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE - Headline Attention Drip Drip Drip - 3:35
04. THE IMPLICIT ORDER - Reverse - 4:44
05. DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH - Happiness Is A Disease - 10:00
06. PREGNANT SPORE - Jewels - 7:25
07. TO-BO - Zoll - 9:41
08. TSIDMZ - The Predictable Fall Of The Last Civilization - 4:11

Original Source:

Direct Download:

Other Releases:

Not Just A Compilation!

Written by SelfmadeSatan

Hello everyone! Devil Noise Assemblage is now not just a compilation but I have set it up as a net-zine! I hope this can be well accepted in this experimental / electronic music scene! Shortly named dna-netzine, this will have departments / sections like Conversation (interviews with music projects, labels, individuals, etc), Soundchecks (reviews on physical and digital releases), Documents (including articles, artist profiles, any writings), Free Music (free downloadable material) and lots more which are still in mind. Thus, to make it evolves, I really need helps from friends out there to contribute material for this net-zine. I will post your writings here with your name (and URL) credited. Submissions can be emailed to projekt666satanoise@gmail.com. A big thanks to Michael Dresden for helping me with the name for  both compilation and netzine. Experimental Music for Experimental People! Thank you in advance!

Ian aka SelfmadeSatan 17.09.2011