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Monday, December 17, 2012

i AM esper - The Arc Of A Tree, And The Shape Of A Cloud EP 2012

Contributed by Justin Palmieri

01 song of the trees - 8:52
02 song of the clouds - 7:42
03 the arc of a tree, and the shape of a cloud - 5:32


NEWS: For those of you who give a fuck the new i AM esper full length for a release next year will be titled "Nox Obscurum" it will be a prequel to my latest full length "Lux Lucis" and will be much darker with a much stronger 'doom' vibe than anything I've done in a while and still will contain subtle hints of post-rock with in the drones. I've done well over 20 releases for 2012 I only plan to do at max 5 full lengths or less and maybe 2 eps, and possibly some splits - Justin Palmieri / December 14, 2012



Submitted by SelfmadeSatan

Cat.No: DN260 | Date Released: 17/12/2012

01. SEAN DERRICK COOPER MARQUARDT - Crepusculum One (Dawn Of The Ohio Valkyries) - 5:00
02. REATOR04 - Mainstream Grindcore is not Grindcore - 3:00
03. NOTHOISE - Cold Night Of The Assemblage - 2:24
04. KOOBAATOO ASPARAGUS - Wet FoodStamp Mix - 2:07
05. MYSTIFIED - Ghost Band - 6:30
06. PxNxJx - The anger of the forest and resentment of wildlife - 6:52
07. KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE - Panichorrorinorientexpress 2 - 8:19
08. KLAN 777 - Human Downfall - 3:32

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Various Artists - Wheel of Fortune #5

Contributed by Topi Reta

Various Artists Compilation

01-Gresnici - Blesav Grad
02-Jared C. Balogh - Flight Of A Young Bird
03-Topi Reta - Coral
04-After [Life] - Under The Black Skies
05-Josef Nadek - Piss Drunk Attention Whore
06-Army of 2600 - Oblivion Bunny
07-Der Domestizierte Mensch - She Was My Ruin
08-Playing With Nuns - Telecaster Huevo Loco
09-Stirner - Spin That Wheel
10-Misantronics - Taevariigi
11-To-Bo - 20121030
12-Trash B. Lit - Dizzy Tomato
13-Robotic Joe - wwwDotz.Bazzzz
14-Leira Kabuki - Japanese Birds
15-ErocNet - The Emptiness
16-Sue69 - Smashed Wheel
17-Murmurists - Symbol, Antic
18-Mutant Beatniks - Purple
19-Toth Kina Hegyfalu - Stone Of Phrase
20-Caelicus Pugna - Controlled By Any Means
21-Wehwalt - Fragment D'un Songe Dextrogyre

KRnet033-Kermesse Records-Argentina-2012

[DNApromo009] Forest Kingdom - Ornamental Echoes

Artist: Forest Kingdom
Title : Ornamental Echoes
Cat.No: DNApromo009

1. Flora [Dense Forest Remix] - 5:28
2. Vastlands Below The Silky Sky [Ornate Edit] - 5:02

Both tracks are previously unreleased tracks
Remix/edit versions of the original tracks!!
Composed & recorded by H.H on 17th July 2012
Info: http://forestkingdommusic.bandcamp.com

Exclusive 2-track Promo by [dna-netzine]

[DNApromo008] PROJEKT666:SATANOISE - Straight-Forward Blackened Noise

Title : Straight-Forward Blackened Noise
Cat.No: DNApromo008

1. Straight-Forward Blackened Noise #1 - 2:32
2. Straight-Forward Blackened Noise #2 - 2:27

Both tracks taken from "Drunken Noise" Split with Nothoise
The split has been released on Devil Noise Records [DN251]
Download the split - http://devilnoiserecords.blogspot.com

Sound manipulation by Ian SelfmadeSatan

Exclusive 2-track Promo by [dna-netzine]